senior dental insurance | humana dental plans for seniors

senior dental insurance | humana dental plans for seniors

  • senior dental insurance my teeth were sensitive senior dental insurance my gums are  sensitive well I really like using.
  • the  electronic toothbrush this is an oral-b Brain toothbrush and it’s.
  • the triumph  professional care model I’ve had this for a few years I have the.
  • same model at home we’re still out here in our Utah a  family vacation home.
  • and I buy the soft brush heads for it Don uses the same tooth which.

we actually share this one out here and he has just like a regular  

  • I think it’s actually a flossing style toothbrush head it’s differ than my minds.
  • extra sensitive for extra sensitive teeth so this is what I use and I really like it.
senior dental insurance
senior dental insurance
  • because it times  what what is it so it’s two minutes for a total like that’s how.

long you’re supposed to be brushing your teeth for two minutes .

  • of you know two minutes at a clip um and in at times each quadrant  for seconds.
  • so I like that because it senior dental insurance you know make sure.
  • then do the full two minutes at night um and I really like it you don’t have to you.
  • know you don’t to  push you don’t have to scrub you just really just kind of glide.

it over your teeth and make sure I get the front and the in the bottoms and the backs

  • and all the nooks and crannies and I’m just really thorough with it and the  toothpaste.
  • to use because I am a little bit sensitive to fluoride not in my mouth necessarily.
  • but like my my body sensitive to fluoride so I tried not to ingest it that much Innocence.
  • it’s kind of a controversial topic whether it’s good  for you or not or whatever I opted .

for this toothpaste this is my favorite I have a little own squeezer on it right now .

  • this is by nature’s gate and it’s the natural toothpaste in mint it’s fluoride free it’s.
  • sulfate free and it’s a really nice toothpaste I feel  like it really gets the job done.