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Ummm, Smoozie Feast? Wha….????

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

O.k., so last night I feasted and not on smoozies. My rationale is that everything I ate would have gone well into a smoozie ~ well, except for the dressing which contained oil (and, who knows what else?). The majority of people who came were new to raw so emailed and asked what to bring. I told them either a green salad of some sort of fruit salad. Other than the zucchini fettucine and the pesto salad, that’s pretty much what we had and boy, was it good! I had about a tablespoon or two of each dish, ate slowly and enjoyed every bit. I had one bite of the “bread” (yes, raw) and had none of the sweet fruit or the cake my friend brought to celebrate my birthday belatedly. (Had a 2 inch square of it this morning by itself ~ and only 2″‘s because that’s all that was left!).

About 25 people showed up. It was great fun! We ran out of chairs.. people stood and when a chair opened up, the person who WAS sitting in it lost it. lol No complaints… just more fun.

So, today, I’ve got fruit in the way of berries, one carrot salad and a fruit salad still here, plus about 1 quart of smoothie. I’m good for the day!

We talked about raw; answered questions, shared about 15 of the 60+ books I have; enjoyed each others’ company and many who came had their first experience with simple, tasty, raw food.

Two highlights were when Susan who is vagabonding spoke about her journey and serving others. While I was in the kitchen, Susan, unbeknownst to me, even though she said she would, was cleaning up the sunroom; folding the chairs and tables and putting things away. If I was in my right mind (which, for some reason I wasn’t ~ overwhelm maybe?) I’d have added some cash to what another had given her for gas for her journey. Thank you to whoever did that AND for those who added to the donation jar to keep the potlucks going on.

One of the most delight-filled aspects of the evening was Tao who, while we were eating and talking, was creating hysterical animations of the evening. The one I received shows a pot-bellied gent with 4 hairs sticking out of the top of his head addressing a woman holding a tray of food and him saying: “My concern about eating veg is it might turn me into a girly man”. You have to see it to really appreciate it.

The evening began around 5:30 p.m. when some friends came by. They’d just finished a class on dementia and alzheimers and training people to train caretakers. One of the things mentioned in the program was eating more raw food. Well, they came, they experienced.

The evening ended a bit after 10:30 with plans to hold a raw food class, Saturday, Mar. 7 from 9 a.m. – noon. Now, I need to create a menu and make it known. I did some final clean-up; the rest waited for the morning.

It was a wonder-filled evening. So glad so many came. I hope to see them all again.

Oh! The question some of you may be asking is, what about the smoozie feast? Well, I think I just may continue after I finish the leftovers which, at 3:17 p.m. I’ve not indulged in yet.. just my b-day cake. I’m currently drinking a smoozie AND just came back from the container store after having purchased two, two liter glass jars to hold more smoothies with less air instead of one large half-gallon jug.