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Fear… what is it good for?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Yesterday I had a very interesting session with one of my clients.

She’s been with me for about 14 years and one of the smartest women I know.

When she came in, I could feel her energy was depleted and, she was speaking in what I call a Greta Garbo voice ~ deep, full of phlem/mucus and raspy.

I asked how long that had been going on and she told me about 2 1/2 weeks.

During our session, I decided to probe a bit deeper and after awhile she mentioned that her boss was considering closing the doors to his shop because his business was slow and the boiler was shot. My client suggested that she’d loan him the money to get it fixed so he could keep his doors open.

I found this whole exchange interesting. The man has a thriving business next door and his personal business at the other shop was slow because he’d been ill and a large number of his clients had gone to others in his shop so, they were still there. He just needed to rebuild.

During our session, I had my client do some sentence completions. She did one and a few minutes after, burst into a loud wail and then into tears. She said she was scared he was going to close his doors and she’d be out of work; she was scared because the majority of HER clients were coming in complaining about “the economy” and she realized at that moment that she was scared too and hadn’t acknowledge it and it was weighing on her.

She also had been talking with another mother and agreed to do something she didn’t want to do, so, we did some work around that.

She also acknowledged that she’d not been taking care of herself because clients wanted to book her on her days off and because of her fears, she took them thereby depleting her own energy and taking time away from her own “me” time.

We talked about her telling that mom that she didn’t want to volunteer and we talked about how she could take care of these other clients without sacrificing herself.

Then, I suggested she listen to her voice. All the raspyness was gone, her energy was raised and her color was back. It was like she was a whole new person than the one who came in and all it took was recognizing her fears.

In my playbook, I suggest people do some daily fear work. Not to focus on fear, but to just acknowledge what’s underlying in the murky depths of our subconscious. If we don’t acknowledge it, we can make ourselves ill or sabatoge a good relationship or kill our jobs.

My client acknowledged she had fears about saying no to this woman AND, she acknowledged she had fears about losing her job, losing her clients, etc. The reality of the latter situation is, she’s always made more money in the job than anyone else and still is. She went in one day when she only had one person booked and stated “I’m going to make some money today!” She did!

Bottom line ~ look inside and say ~ “One thing I’m afraid of is…..” then, finish the sentence with 6-10 different endings. See what comes up.

I’ve had students tell me they were fearless. Everyone they knew told them they were fearless. They have since found, they weren’t. Why is that good? Because unless you recognize what you are feeling, you’re not fully alive and experiencing everything the world has to offer. You hide in your fear ~ especially when unacknowledged.


Crimes Against Wisdom

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Yesterday started out wonderfully. First thing in the morning, I turned on the shower to get it hot; then turned it off and used one of my home-made sugar scrubs everywhere I could reach. (BTW sugar scrubs are soooooo easy to make there’s not reason to pay horrendous amounts of money for them. All members of Let’s Talk Raw have access to my ebooklet which included the recipe ~ for that and more.)

Lately, I’ve been using quite a bit of citrus oil ~ lemon on my neck and hands for focus. Whether that’s what it’s actually for or not, I don’t know. All I know is, I love the feel of it and it perks me up. Did some just a moment ago.

So, back to the shower. I used the one I made with grapefruit extract because it’s suppose to work on cellulite. How a 23 year vegetarian has cellulite, heck, who knows? I DO know, quite a bit of it has disappeared over the last few months but, there are two areas it seems to be hanging on and that’s inside thighs and biceps. Why there? I dunno. So, is it the grapefruit essential oil or is it the scrubbing with the sugar scrub? I’m thinking more the scrubbing but then, maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever. It feels good, smells good…so, I’ll continue.

For those who don’t have the ebooklet , what I do is scrub my whole body (wherever I can reach and if he’s awake, he gets to do the rest), while my skin is dry. I do my face and neck wet.

Well, the morning went well. He and I spent it shopping for my favorite foods ~ cabbage, fruit, greens, etc. Then I went into the bedroom to read a book I’m creating some trainings around. About 1 p.m., that’s all she wrote. I’d had a HUGE salad and was still hungry so had a small round of Ani Phyo’s Breakfast cake. Knocked me out! I mean, for almost two hours, I slept the sleep of the dead. I woke up groggy. I haven’t done that in quite some time. So, what was it? I’ve had the Breakfast Cake in the mornings for the last two mornings and not had that happen. A combination?

So, here’s the “major” crime against wisdom.

In the evening, I made some “raw jicama fries” using a medium sized juicama. Oh man, were they good! It was late for me to eat. I usually shut down my computer and stop eating about 6 p.m. and it was probably closer to 7 when I ate those. I got to watching a t.v. series on HULU and about 11 p.m. I was feeling REALLY hungry. Couldn’t talk myself out of it. In my head, I had visions of raw sushi so, went downstairs, got out some nori, tomatoes, red bell pepper, then looked in the fridge. Oooops!

We had guests here and one of them was from Zimbabwe. She’d made some rice and beans and left them in the fridge. I’d been looking at them for waaaaay too long. Way faster than making sushi AND, I was hungry AND they were there! So, after over 50 days of 100% raw, I gave in to the lil monkey mind voice telling me, it was o.k.

Well, I made a bigger bowl than I’d planned and ate it all! (The whole bowl of it, not all there was). That’s all she wrote. I, who normally is asleep by 11 was up until 3 this morning. My stomach was growling; felt like I had to go… went but didn’t go (if you catch my drift); and now, here I am, 8:53 a.m. telling my story after getting up at 8 a.m. which is about 3 hours later than I prefer.

Well, here’s the thing. Most people I know who’ve done something similar to what I did would call it “falling off the wagon”; beat themselves up; eat more or what’s left (what difference does it make now?); etc. Well, there’s no wagon to fall off of. I chose to eat some cooked food; I’m experiencing what that feels like and how eating that late affects me; beating myself up would take away from the true experience and slow me down from making more positive, conscious choices so, here’s what I’m going to do… go downstairs and make up a half-gallon of smoozie and drink it throughout the day.

I’m still here! I’m alive! I’m healthy and I can make better choices which support me in my aliveness.

Done deal! It’s all about the journey and if I were to die today am I going to die in the middle of beating myself up and missing out on the joys of life (unless, of course beating myself up IS a joy in my life ~ NOT!)? Noooooo! Oh! Going to get rid of the rest of the rice and beans. Seems he’s not going to eat them and I certainly am not. Just going to make more room in our fridge for more good, healthy, raw stuffs.

Oh yeah! I purchased some zucchini yesterday to make some of Russell James’ Thai Pillows. THAT will be tonight’s dinner.

One more thing… the reason I did what I did ~ I’d not prepared anything ahead. One way to stay raw.. be prepared because if something is already prepared, that’s more likely to get eaten than something that needs to be prepared when hungry. Would I have slept better if what I’d eaten had been raw ~ that late at night? Well, I’m sure one of these days, we’ll find out. heh!

Please, enjoy your day as I’m enjoying mine!


Afterthought ~ Wish I knew what knocked me out in the afternoon… could have had that and slept… maybe. But then, my lil monkey mind told me that the breakfast cake was too heavy for that time of night. Rice and beans weren’t? Tricky lil feller ain’t he?

Exploring Optimal Health and Healing, Pt. 2

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

One of the things I’m exploring in my own healing is self-touch.

Not too long ago, I’d been using essential oils (eo’s) and fragrance oils in the creation of candles, lotions, body butters, etc. I knew that, for me, many of these things when purchased commercially, really bothered me. I couldn’t tolerate the fragrances. Little did I know that fragrance oils can cause problems and where I am right now, stepping more into health, I’m choosing to purchase and use the best quality.

Here’s my thinking. I was listening to Paul Nison on a call today and he’s talking about eating ONLY during daylight hours; first meal about 3 hours after daylight (meaning YOU should be up early) and stopping no later than 6 p.m. or whenever it gets dark. (In some cases, that would be about 4 p.m., yes?)

The problem for many people is, they’re not getting enough nutrients/nourishment in their food program and they tend to stay hungry. Also! Many don’t eat for hunger/nourishment ~ they eat for mood, entertainment, out of boredom, to be polite, etc.

Well, it’s similar to how I’ve dealt with fragrance. We don’t use top quality eo’s for many reasons including cost and, we find something we like that does the job in what we do get. But then, my question is ~ since you’re reading this, you’ve probably got SOME interest in health ~ why do we poison ourselves with low quality fragranced products? I do it! Heck! I’m doing it BUT, I’m transitioning.

First of all, for basics such as putting lemon eo on the back of my neck and on my hands to inhale/uplift, do I want low quality? No! It’s going directly into my skin AND, I’m breathing it!

Secondly, I’ve massaged myself twice in the last two days..I’ve added a few drops of eo’s into a few tablespoons of grapeseed oil (NOT GSE ~ grapefruit seed extract ~ grapeseed oil ~ can use almond oil, olive oil, jojoba ~ your preference)…. I’m loving it! I do my feet, up my ankles, my calves, thighs… be sure to do your stomach, chest/breasts, arms (biceps/triceps are important!), neck under your chin. Today I sat in the sun and did it. Now, I’m still feeling it because one of the oils I used is wintergreen. SO refreshing!

Touch is a basic. I’ve heard study was done where newborn babies were separated. Some got picked up, cuddled, held and others didn’t. (Wondering who agreed to this study and if humans were used or what? Can someone respond to this one?) The ones who were picked up and held thrived while the others withered.

Here, I do have lots of touching with my husband. We kiss often; hold hands whenever we walk somewhere or travel in the car; spoon when falling asleep YET, it’s a great feeling for me to touch me!

Oh! Remember this! When you do yourself (or, another ~ trade off?) slow down! I’d rather do myself than have someone do me as though they had a train to catch. One loooooong, slowwwww, deeeeep, stroke is worth more than 10 very fast strokes… unless that’s what you like. Give it a shot, then get back to me.

O.k., the book I’m currently using to study eo’s right now is:

One I don’t have yet but is on my wish list is:

Interesting Vids

Enjoy and Injoy!


A Revvellation!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

While I was making my HUGE salad, I was thinking about my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I’d originally sought out and gone to my teacher because of health issues. I had asthma which had almost killed me; acne; suicidal tendancies and more that I didn’t even know about when I went to him.

After being with him for quite some time, he made a statement I always remember: “We never focused on the asthma.”

That’s a fact! We never did! We focused on me, my health, my attitude; my lifestyle… everything!

The reason I was thinking about this is, because of my post about my memory, I’m sure people will wonder why I’m doing some of the things I’m doing. Why am I giving myself all-over massage? Why am I doing some of the other things I’ll be talking about? Well, as I said in one post, we are not machines! My memory is not the problem. It is a symptom OF the problem.

When I worked for chiropractors doing bodywork, they would tell me what area they wanted me to work in. They’d often come in and find me working a totally different area than where the pain was. When they’d ask why was I working there rather than where they’d told me, I’d tell them ~ the pain is the symptom; here is the problem. Well, you can see why I didn’t keep jobs with them too long. They didn’t want people to heal; they wanted to get as much insurance as they could. (O.KAYYY! I worked with 5 chiropractors so not EVERY one of them is like that and I’m not saying they are!)

The point is, many people do what I call the allopathic method of “healing”… (which, in my opinion really isn’t healing). They focus on the symptom and once that’s gone, they’re healed.

For instance, cancer. The tumor is the symptom but, what do doctors do? They cut out the symptom and then burn or poison whatever’s left. Is that “healing”? Not by a long shot.

So, here I am, looking at some symptoms and, looking at my whole lifestyle. What is it missing? Do I sit in front of the computer too long? Yes! What’s the answer? Get up and MOVE! Do some physical writing instead of in front of the computer! Read books instead of researching only on the net. When I’m eating, go outside, sit in the sun. Relax! Just focus on eating!

Touch… now, I’m touching me and he!

I’ll be adding more stuff over the next few days/weeks…. on this incredible journey. Hmmm. I think there’s a book/movie by that name. You know what’s fun for me though? My own incredible journey. Getting to know ME better; healing ME at deeper levels; finding more joy in ME and MY life and, sharing what I learn with others.

Injoy and Enjoy,


Exploring Optimal Health and Healing, Pt. 1

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Recently I wrote about having memory problems and how they came to be for me. I’ve also gotten involved at the trainer level in teaching trainers how to work with caregivers of people with Alzheimers/dementia.

What I’ve found and have known is, any dis-ease or issue we may have is assisted through whole person health. That would include the basics of diet, movement and exercise.

The other thing I’ve noticed over recent weeks/months/years is that whatever I do supposedly for one part of me, assists all other parts. Unlike cars, you can’t take out a piece of us, such as the heart, and not affect the rest of us. We’re all connected.

People who think getting their colon cut out or a kidney or whatever ~ that it doesn’t affect the other part of them are mistaken. People who think they can eat/do anything they want with their bodies and that a doctor can easily replace a part/organ, are mistaken. There are plenty of people on lists waiting for new body parts such as liver, hearts, lungs.

For me, it’s very weird how people will abuse the only thing in this world that’s truly theirs and truly unique and that is their body. They’ll take better care of their car than they will their body. They often KNOW their cars and their parts better than they know this bag of flesh/bones/fluids and other stuffs.

Having said that, I’ve been exploring some fun stuffs for my own health.

One, of course is my food program. When I first thought I should become healthier/happier, I tried all the supplements available for every symptom I had. That didn’t work. I went to chiropractors, acupuncturists, and tried various food programs. Nothing really made a long-term difference until I met my teacher in 1986. I’d been wanting to become vegetarian for about 9 years. Had no idea how to go about it. I didn’t even know there was a store like Whole Foods (back then it was Mrs. Gooches) available for us. The only “health food stores” I knew about had nothing live in them. They were all packaged, bottled, canned and jarred.

Second, is movement. I have found that many people don’t move because they’ve not found it fun or, if they have, they feel adults shouldn’t HAVE fun! Our PE classes in school were hardly what most of us called FUN! It was EXERCISE! (sounds sort of like exorcise, doesn’t it?). All the fun we had as kids, all the running around that we enjoyed was taken from us and turned into EXERCISE! They had rules, they had teams (which many of us were excluded from or chosen last)… it was not FUN! So! Here’s the deal, find things to do that are fun! Walking with a friend. Hula hooping! I couldn’t do it as a kid but I can now! (actually, took a class ~ do you believe it?); rebounding OR, if you’ve got the room, get a full-sized trampoline!!! Swimming! Volleyball in the pool! Find someone to play catch with; find more fun ways to throw the ball! Take dance classes ~ belly dance, ballroom, jazz.. whatever! I wont go to a gym because 1) I don’t want to have to schedule it around when it’s not busy and I wont go when it is; 2) they have t.v. all OVER the place! Last one I went to, they’d have the news on at 5 a.m. I’d turn the t.v. off, someone would come in and turn it on 3) the air is worse in the gym than outside so, I’d rather be outside! I even won a 3-month membership. I lasted 2 months, then stopped going and went hiking up in the hills around my home instead. Now, I’ve got everything here ~ kettlebells, Indian and iron clubs, medicine balls, hula hoop, vids, etc. I know many body-weight moves. I’ve got stairs and railings that I use to make up movements. Ya gotta move to get the heart pumping well, to move stagnant chi, to get the lymph flowing.. to lubricate your joints… gotta move!

Third ~ rest/sleep. I take time out of my day just to be. I may nap; go sit out in the sun (no book, no music, just sit in the sun… maybe watch the birds and squirrels… but not really doing much of anything.) Before sleep I may do some movement, play a game of Scrabble with my guy; read and/or watch a vid. We don’t watch t.v. here. I don’t understand people filling their heads with commercials and bad news before they go to sleep. I’m usually going to sleep between 10 and 11; get up between 5 and 6. If, for some reason I can’t sleep; I get up; take care of some biz… then sleep when I’m tired and get up when I wake up ~ usually at my regular time. You’ll rarely find me in bed after 6 a.m.

People will often say that I’m lucky because I “get” to work at home. No, I am lucky because I CHOOSE to work at home. I did what it took to create businesses so I CAN work at home.

So, those are the 3 basics. In my next Revvellation, I’ll expand on other things I’m doing for myself.

Thank you for reading.


Me, Memory and More

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Waaay back when I was 19 and thought I was tough and knew everything, I connected with an acquaintance who was going to another state to visit a well-known motorcycle group. We went in my car.

Sometime during that day, he thought it would be a really good idea for him to be asked into that gang and thought turning me out would be the way to do it. (Turning someone out means turning them over to have sex with the whoever wanted to participate; “pulling a train” in other words).

Now, at 19, I was pretty naive. I’d only had sex a few times… was not exactly promiscuous. Anyway, he promised that if I’d have sex with him, that would be the end of it… it wasn’t. If I remember correctly, there was 12 of them. What I did was basically turn my head to the wall and ignore it all until they threatened to shoot me with a beebee gun, which they did ~ a few times.

Finally, the owner of the place we were on put an end to it. I got dressed and went out where I was approached by the women of the group carrying guns. They wanted to know if their men had been involved. Uh, no, of course not! Hell, I dunno, I don’t know who they are or who you belong to! Sheesh! Well, that answer didn’t go over very well.

At gunpoint, they brought the registration to my car over to me and had me sign it over to them. At that time, in that state, one didn’t need a pink slip to prove ownership… just the registration.

Why didn’t I leave? Young and dumb… fear of what would happen if I did… not knowing who their neighbors were and if they were aligned… (later found out that off-duty police were hired by the gang’s president to guard their property at night).

Later that evening, somehow I ended up in the back of the van a some of the guys who were sniffing cleaning fluid. How that was done as I remember it was they had a paper towel in a bag and would add drops of the fluid onto the paper towel, hold the bag over their faces and inhale. I did that. Not caring and not knowing the consequences. I eventually fell asleep with the bag over my face. I remember someone taking it away and that’s all I remember until the next day… when I couldn’t speak a complete sentence… just totally out of it. Couldn’t remember things, couldn’t talk coherently… until about 3 days later. Brain cells were gone.

That day, the prez took me to his home and told everyone that I was off-limits unless “I” agreed. I was there to take care of his child (his wife didn’t take care of her and really hated me). He had another couple there and they were kinder although the wife asked numerous times if her husband had partaken. He hadn’t. Yeah, that I remember…. I think.

I got out of there after having been there for 2 weeks when a biker from another gang came out for a visit and asked the prez for me. I chatted with the guy who told me if I wanted to go home, this was my out. I did. I went with him to his place… no sex, nothing. He took me home.

When I got back to my apartment, the locks were changed, all my belongings removed. I was told I could have them back when I came up with the rent. I’d lost my job and so stayed with some friends. I had no clothing except what I’d left with, no job.

My mother was working in the city I was living in and saw me on the street one day barefoot. She told me to come “home”.. I did, long enough to get myself together and get my job back. Then, out again with a better understanding… staying away from local gangs.

Anyway, I’m telling this story more to explain my memory problems than anything yet, if some teenager reads it and realizes they’re not as smart as they think they are.. cool! The thing is, we get out of school having had little real life experience thinking we know it all. Then we (usually) get married, want to buy a house, a car, have children, go into debt when we’re dumber than bricks. One of the best things I can say for me is, I didn’t get pregnant. I realized about that time I was barely smart enough to survive, much less thrive.

So, back to memory. I don’t remember having too many problems with memory when I was younger except people would tell me that I’d said something when I hadn’t. My teacher told me I’d probably split some personalities, probably as survival mechanisms after my father died when I was 12, but certainly after the rape. I remember at one point after a session with my teacher, he kept saying a certain thing to me over and over. I finally asked why he kept saying it and he said, “Don’t you remember saying that to me during our session?” Uhhhmmm, no.

Over the years I’ve had the usual things ~ forgetting where my keys or glasses were. At one point I was driving for a pizza company and I realized how bad my memory was at times. I was doing SunRider at the time and they have a product called “TOP”. When I took it, I could remember the address after seeing it one time. When I didn’t, I not only couldn’t remember the address, I couldn’t remember how to get there AFTER having been there numerous times. (You’re wondering why I don’t take TOP again? Because I feel there HAS to be another/more way(s) than purchasing a very expensive product like that.. it’s a combination of herbs… AND, I’m not a distributor anymore). It’s not something I’m throwing out.. just not doing currently.

Over the last years, I’ve been, off and on, having trouble remembering words more than anything. I’ll be saying something and the word is gone… common words.

The upside to this is, learning how to deal with it and looking at ways I can help others deal with memory issues. One thing I’ve learned is to “sip” the word… not try so hard to remember it; not get frustrated… just allow myself to kind of be with it.. go through the alphabet, etc. How I learned to do this was when I was in my early 30′s and had severe asthma. I refused any medications so, would sit quietly and sip air. I think more people die from panicking about asthma than the asthma itself. Panic creates the inability to breathe and also to remember and think.

What I’m doing now is, what I’ve been doing for the last 30 years… using myself as an experiment so I can assist others in healing.

A few things I’m working with are, of course, raw foods. I feasted on smoozies for 4 days; been 100% (minus the questionables) for 48 days now (off and on for 12 years)… don’t see much of a difference. I workout, I get fresh air, I write, I do the word games… all the things people say to do. Don’t see much difference.

I’ve started doing essential oils again. They seem to make a difference in energy… staying focused and productive.

I’m also checking out herbs since that’s what helped at one point and possibly sprouts.

Oh! One thing I found that made a difference many years ago was to put a shield in front of my computer AND shut it down when I wasn’t using it, turning it on only 3 times a day to check email, etc. Problem is now, it’s my business; it’s my connection with clients, etc. Much of my writing I can do on a legal pad (which I do anyway) yet, it all has to go on the computer.

One thing we’re working with is DragonSpeaks. It’s much easier to talk into the computer than to type. Takes less time and I don’t have to sit in front of the computer. I can get someone to edit and lay it out.

So, when you’ve told me you’ve met me and I don’t recognize you, it’s not because you’re not important or recognizable, you may just be unrecognizable to me. I’m working/playing with it.

I’ll get back to this ~ maybe ~ if I remember. :)


Ummm, Smoozie Feast? Wha….????

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

O.k., so last night I feasted and not on smoozies. My rationale is that everything I ate would have gone well into a smoozie ~ well, except for the dressing which contained oil (and, who knows what else?). The majority of people who came were new to raw so emailed and asked what to bring. I told them either a green salad of some sort of fruit salad. Other than the zucchini fettucine and the pesto salad, that’s pretty much what we had and boy, was it good! I had about a tablespoon or two of each dish, ate slowly and enjoyed every bit. I had one bite of the “bread” (yes, raw) and had none of the sweet fruit or the cake my friend brought to celebrate my birthday belatedly. (Had a 2 inch square of it this morning by itself ~ and only 2″‘s because that’s all that was left!).

About 25 people showed up. It was great fun! We ran out of chairs.. people stood and when a chair opened up, the person who WAS sitting in it lost it. lol No complaints… just more fun.

So, today, I’ve got fruit in the way of berries, one carrot salad and a fruit salad still here, plus about 1 quart of smoothie. I’m good for the day!

We talked about raw; answered questions, shared about 15 of the 60+ books I have; enjoyed each others’ company and many who came had their first experience with simple, tasty, raw food.

Two highlights were when Susan who is vagabonding spoke about her journey and serving others. While I was in the kitchen, Susan, unbeknownst to me, even though she said she would, was cleaning up the sunroom; folding the chairs and tables and putting things away. If I was in my right mind (which, for some reason I wasn’t ~ overwhelm maybe?) I’d have added some cash to what another had given her for gas for her journey. Thank you to whoever did that AND for those who added to the donation jar to keep the potlucks going on.

One of the most delight-filled aspects of the evening was Tao who, while we were eating and talking, was creating hysterical animations of the evening. The one I received shows a pot-bellied gent with 4 hairs sticking out of the top of his head addressing a woman holding a tray of food and him saying: “My concern about eating veg is it might turn me into a girly man”. You have to see it to really appreciate it.

The evening began around 5:30 p.m. when some friends came by. They’d just finished a class on dementia and alzheimers and training people to train caretakers. One of the things mentioned in the program was eating more raw food. Well, they came, they experienced.

The evening ended a bit after 10:30 with plans to hold a raw food class, Saturday, Mar. 7 from 9 a.m. – noon. Now, I need to create a menu and make it known. I did some final clean-up; the rest waited for the morning.

It was a wonder-filled evening. So glad so many came. I hope to see them all again.

Oh! The question some of you may be asking is, what about the smoozie feast? Well, I think I just may continue after I finish the leftovers which, at 3:17 p.m. I’ve not indulged in yet.. just my b-day cake. I’m currently drinking a smoozie AND just came back from the container store after having purchased two, two liter glass jars to hold more smoothies with less air instead of one large half-gallon jug.


Is it Just Me ….What do YOU Think?

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

… or does anyone else see how the raw food movement has become like so many others? Product! Products! Products!

I got to thinking yesterday how the Raw Spirit Festival is going more the way of other “health” conferences, festivals, expos and stuff. Just people selling expensive packaged products… purportedly raw.

Now, my question is, when something is put in a package, bottle or jar and stated that it is raw, is it? I know we can take foods, dehydrate the heck out of them, grind them up and they’ll last a long time yet, are they still raw? Can we believe the people who are packaging/bottling things that they can turn out large quantities of product, dehydrated under 118 degrees and still make money? (For what many are charging, it’s not inconceivable yet, I’m wondering where they’re getting the needed dehydrators/facilities to do this?)

The other question is, what happened to the life force that was in the food? Yes, when we do a lot of processing/dehyrdrating we do kill off much of the life force yet, I’m wondering if people who get used to bottled/packaged/jarred foods will ever get to the real thing? Those of us who’ve started raw doing our own processing/dehydrating tend to keep MORE of the life force and tend to, eventually do little or no processing/dehydrating?

Will people become junk-food raw fooders by continuing to purchase bottled/canned packaged products?

Will the raw movement divide more between the “purists” who say that food should be taken from the market/farm, etc. to the kitchen and processed at home or, grown by one’s own hand and shared/exchanged co-opted?

For me, all this packaged stuff is not whole food. The water has been removed which also means, much of the nutritional value. Is it still raw? My understanding is that it is (when dehydrated under 118 degrees) but, it’s not whole. In order for food to be whole it has to have it’s water remaining and rehydrating is not the same thing.

What do you think?

Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there as I was speaking with a woman today who was figuring out what she needs to do to feed her family of 4 by growing it all herself (as well as trading/bartering, etc.).

That’s my ultimate outcome with our yard. Grow it all; share what we can’t use; trade with others who have what we can’t/wont grow. Even living in an apartment you can create a garden.

Just remember, always, play with your food and, keep it real! :)


Today is Day 4 of Smoozie Feasting

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

One thing I’ll say is, I’m colder than normal even with the heat up to 70-72 degrees. For awhile I was keeping it at 64 and doing o.k. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m sitting at the computer and being so productive, I’ve not been up and moving.

Very possible I’ll be eating this evening during the potluck. Chocolate doesn’t entice me so that wont be an issue. We’ll see. I’ll make up another half-gallon in a bit, drink it throughout the day and see if I’m hungry or caving in to cravings.

Went to a friend’s home for a gathering last evening. Found myself eying the bread and cheese. My husband is a bread/cheese eater and that’s a tough one. I tend to crave starches of all kinds.. pasta, pizza, potatoes, bread… and cheese. Stayed strong, did not succumb because I knew it was cravings and not hunger.

So, what am I learning about this? That I eat for cravings, not hunger which is how/why I put on extra pounds. I eat a lot less when I’m nutritionally satisfied and, of course, I’m eating better.

What’s been interesting for me is, at one time in my life, I couldn’t drink citrus for 3 days in a row or I’d be non-functional ~ literally. I’d be eating, sleeping, reading. Well, it’s been a number of days that I’ve been drinking orange juice, grapefruit juice and tangerine juice and I’m still functional ~ actually, more focused and productive than ever!

Normally, I don’t feel to go out at night. Last night, my husband was out, picked me up at 8 p.m. and we went to a friend’s. We got home a bit after 10, went to sleep about 11 and I slept soundly until 6; got up and got my work done!

So! If I choose to eat this evening, it wont be much. I’ll have a smoothie before guests come.. and see what happens!

Good book to check out for smoothies is on the left side of this blog.

Until tomorrow… enjoy this day ~ and every day and remember, always play with your food.

Day 3 of Smoozie Feasting Coming Up!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

The mind is amazing in it’s propensity to undo what one is attempting to do. We call it the monkey-mind. It can be your own worst enemy.

Last evening I heard all the things in my head that others who are concerned about me (really not concerned about me ~ it’s their own issues).. such as “How long you going to do this?” “You’ve got a potluck coming up, you’re not going to eat? Surely you’re going to eat!” “O.k., you’re hungry.. go get some food!” (well, I figured if I were REALLY hungry, I’d go down and get more smoozie because hunger is one thing; craving another, and I WAS craving since I’d been perusing Ani Phyo’s book and saw some “pancakes”. I didn’t go down for more smoozie so, guess I wasn’t really hungry, eh?).

Went to bed about 11 p.m.; woke up at 4… feeling good but thirsty. Drank a 12 (or is it 16?) oz. of grapefruit juice with water. It’s now almost 7 a.m. and I’ve not had anything else.

Yesterday I had two large glasses of grapefruit/water and 3 large smoozies made with orange juice, bananas, black cherries and greens. I did have a bowl of grapes which I figured would go bad by the time I’m done with this experiment.

How long am I going to do this? I don’t know. Until I really FEEL not to instead of letting the monkey-mind talk me into stopping. I’m curious to find out what it’ll really do for me. Right now I can say I’ve got more focus and more productivity happening in the last 3-4 days than I can ever remember. That can’t be bad, right? :D

Today I’ll be making some more grapefruit juice (reportedly good for cellulite) and another half-gallon of smoozie using blueberries (reportedly good for memory).

Oh! I trained yesterday with Indian clubs, my Bulgarian Training bag, did some push-ups… think that’s it. More today.



Smoothies and Smoozies for Life