The Raw Food Lifestyle ~ The Philosophy & Nutrition Behind Raw and Live Foods

January 3rd, 2011 by Revvell

First let me say, this book is not for those of us who have been eating or involved in the lifestyle for some time. It IS however a GREAT book that you may want to give to others who express curiosity or, who are just beginning. It is one of the most thorough and comprehensive books I’ve seen.

Included in the Table of Contents:

Raw Stories
Your Story
Raw Leaders
Raw Food Theory
The Great Chocolate Debate
Raw Sweeteners
PH Level
Healthy Conflict
Basic Raw Food Preparation 101
Health and Health Care in the Raw and Living Food Lifestyle
Physical Fitness
Ethics and the Raw and Living Food Lifestyle
The Economics of Transitioning to a Raw and Living Food Lifestyle
Pets and Raw Food

There’s also appendices which include:

Raw and Living Food Un-Cookbooks
My Pyramid and Nutrition Principles

I had to check out the pyramid and she’s referring to and states: “One thing you need to be aware of is the influence behind this site…. The government, by necessity, is influenced by every industry that affects the food market. Use the information of the MyPyramid.gove site as general guidance. Your primary criteria should be what is nutritious and what works best for you.”

I was actually prepared not to like this yet, I do. By the nature of all books, she could only mention of few of the “leaders” of the raw food movement and she named some of the originators such as Ann Wigmore and Victor Kulvinskas to Gabriel Cousens, David Wolfe and Victoria Boutenko and their contributions just to name a few.

One thing that’s really cool in this book is the “Your Story” section where she gets you really considering your values, your vision and your mission and there’s space in the book to write that in.

This is a very thorough and comprehensive look at the raw food world from many angles and, as Sarma states in her testimonial: “…a balanced, rational, and very clear and compelling way, addressing all sorts of confusions that people have regarding raw food.”

I agree. If you’re curious about raw food or a beginner, this book is for you. Get two! One for you and one to share! If you’ve been around awhile and would like a book to explain to people what eating raw food is about… get this book.

Feel free to leave comments here.

Thank you!


Country Almanac of Home Remedies

December 24th, 2010 by Revvell

When I was asked if I would do a review of this book ~ or, an interview with Brigitte Mars and/or Chrystle Fiedler, the authors, I was thrilled. I explained I’m not doing interviews anymore yet, if they would like me to do a review on my blog, feel free to send me the book. They did and it arrived yesterday!

What a pleasant surprise!!! When was the last time you held a hard-cover copy of a book in your hands?

O.k., my next thought was ~ how much is this? It’s GOT to be expensive! Well, it’s not! On Amazon, it’s actually under $20… even less than I can sell MY book for! (Mine being self-published costs more than going through a publisher now. It didn’t at the time.)

Next surprise… well, not really. I’ve got three other books by Brigitte and one thing I know about her is, she’s thorough. Let me run through the some of the contents first:

“Preparations 101: What You Need to Know to Make the Natural Remedies in This Book.”

One thing I’ve disliked in many herbal books is, they’ll give you the name of an herb yet not tell you what the heck to do with it. Do I make it into a tea? A poultice? Is it used internally or externally? In this chapter you’ll learn how to prepare herbs and throughout the book you’ll know how to use them for each remedy. Outstanding!

17 chapters, each beginning with “Natural Remedies..” including:

to Relieve Colds, Flu, and Related Illnesses
to Soothe Everyday Aches and Pains
for Relief of Burns, Bug Bites and Skin Afflictions
to the Rescue for Injuries and First Aid
for Common Ailments
for Women’s Special Concerns
for Baby and Childcare
Just for Men
for Stomach and Digestive Health
for Respiratory Health
for Circulation and Blood Disorders
to Boost Urinary Tract Health
that Encourage Emotional Health and Wellness
for Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails
for Oral Health
for Healthy Sleep
for Addiction

There’s also a 12 page section on herbs entitled “A Closer Look at Herbs” where you can find out more about the herbs and their uses and in some cases, contraindications.

Throughout the book are little sections entitled “Good to Know” with little things you may not know such as: “Vitamin C can help prevent heatstroke or heat exhaustion” or, “A salve made of comfrey, calendula, and vitamin E can be used to heal bedsores should they occur”.

There’s also sections called “Skip This!” which tells you what to stay away from and others called “Thrifty Cure” one of which is “Look to your spice rack to ease indigestion..” followed by which spices do this and what to do with them.

Of course, I most likely did what you’ll do when you received this book and looked up whatever’s been ailing me including tinnitus, age spots, etc. and found them all!

If you’re tired of going to doctors and receiving drugs that don’t work and then having to get more drugs to counteract the side effects of those drugs, my suggestion? Get this book!

If you’re like me and into health and natural remedies, pretty darn sure you’re going to love this book as much as I do. It’s definitely a keeper.

Feel free to respond here with comments. Thank you!

~ Revvell ~

Has This Happened to You?

September 14th, 2010 by Revvell

Last evening as I was coming home from class, I was hit with a couple of ideas on what I wanted to do some shows on. Problem usually is in those cases, I’m driving and can’t stop and write AND, in this case, forgot my voice recorder. Actually, that’s not true… I didn’t forget it. It was sitting on my desk waiting for me to transcribe other recordings I had put on it. In other word, procrastinating potentially caused me to lose some potentially great (well, to me anyway), revvellations which is why I’m up and typing this at 5:25 a.m!!! It came to me that I wanted to share this with you and what I do (when I’m on my game) so that I’ve always got ideas and even sometimes, a whole show ready, at least on virtual “paper”.

I usually get my best ideas when I’m out walking which is very often about this time. Something just pops up and I work it through my head and “try” to remember it yet, by the time I get home, it’s gone. The second place I get my ideas is in the shower. Now, I’ve not gotten a recorder I can get wet yet. What I may do is take the one I’ve got and stick it in a plastic bag and see how that works. The third times I get my ideas (did that make sense? Third times?), is early in the morning when I wake up ~ like THIS morning! Then there’s last night. I had just been in a great movement class and two, not one, but two, ideas came to mind! For some reason, maybe because oxygen was flowing, yet, I got home and remembered both of them and had a chance to get them down so I can (hopefully), flesh them out and create something worthwhile with them.

Two suggestions for keeping your inspirations are: 1) notebook and pen and 2) a digital voice recorder.

For me, the first has been troublesome when out and about because for some reason, the pen refuses to work. It’s not because it’s out of ink, it just doesn’t happne to work when I’m out and about. The other reason is, I enjoy walking about 5 a.m. or, after 8 p.m. when it’s dark, therefore I have to find a source of light, often a street lamp, and stand there and write. If you’re trying to get in a certain amount of steps, this becomes a pita if you keep coming up with new ideas and have to make frequent stops. It IS better than cutting your walk short by feeling you have to go home so you don’t lose your great inspirations!

My second and really best choice is my digital voice recorder. I’ve got an Olympus VN 960PC. Since I got mine many years ago, Olympus has come up with quite a few other options. Mine is quite simple which is what I like ~ simple and easy-to-use.

I just checked Amazon and whew! Olympus has a BUNCH of dvr’s!!! NONE of them, except one, has a full 5-stars. The one with 5 is $210 and has only 3 reviews so that one is still suspect.

My suggestion, decide how much you’re willing to circulate, then review the ones around your price range. I don’t recall how much this one cost ~ I’m thinking less than $50 although, at the time I purchased, they may have been higher, yet I don’t think so.

Consider also, what you want to be doing with it. Do you want one that will transfer everything you say directly into your computer? How much recording time do you need? Will you be using it to record seminars? Do you want to be able to use an external mic for better sound?

Of course, you don’t have to stay with Olympus. That’s just what I have and am currently using. If you find or have something you like better, please share here and tell what you like about yours. Oh! Another thing I like about mine is, it’s so small! I can carry it in any pocket when out walking, along with my cell phone and pepper spray (yes, never leave home w/out pepper spray ~ but that’s another blog post).

Love to hear from you!

Injoy ~


Use ‘em or Lose ‘em

April 5th, 2010 by Revvell

Just like any other part of your body, your eyes need exercise.

Ever hear the term ~ repetitive motion syndrome? We usually equate that with wrist and/or elbow problems. With spending so much time on computers, reading and, for many, watching t.v., our eyes don’t get the exercise they used to unless we do something to get them moving outside the little box we’ve put them in.

How to do that? The yogi’s have created a series of exercises one can do to get them moving beyond their “normal” range of motion yet, to me, this is good but not quite as engaging as what I do.

My preference is to get out and walk and while walking, exercise my eyes by looking up to the sky, down to the ground, out to the horizon (left, right, in front), closer and farther, at the plants in various yards, etc. Of course, you still need to be aware of where you are going so, stay conscious.

You may find, after a few days of this, your vision sharpens and your brain and thinking become clearer… How about that?


Bodacious Living

Suicidal Depression ~ or Not

March 3rd, 2010 by Revvell

Recently I’ve been watching a show called S.W.A.T. (not the long ago t.v. series) and saw how the “negotiators” interacted with those barricaded with or without hostages.

I realize they only show bits and pieces of what’s really going on and what’s really being said yet, from what they show it’s just textbook training, not life. If they talked to me when I was suicidal I’d have killed myself ~ as many of them do. Why? They show no compassion for what’s going on with the ~ hmmm, don’t know what to call him (it’s usually a “him”… so, I’ll just call him “perp” unless I come up with something better before finishing this.)

Himself and I talked about how I’d probably be a really good negotiator ~ left to my own devices, especially having dealt with suicidal depression. Why? Because I know what it felt like to always feel like no one is on your side; everything you do is wrong; what’s the point in going on?

I was considering this and wondering what changed for me? Why did I, all of a sudden, stop feeling that death was the only way out?

Well, one thing was was when I was 13, I was considering ways to do it and I thought that if I had the courage to kill myself, then, I also had the courage to live and find out where my life was going to go. (A thought I remembered numerous times throughout my life.) (Also, if you want to call suicide “the coward’s way out” think about how you are afraid to leave that job or that lousy relationship because your monkey mind is saying that “something is better than nothing” or “being alone is worse” or, the “the next one might be worse”, etc. Even though it’s where we originally came from, death is as unknown to us as life is. It takes courage to die especially by one’s own hand. LMAO! I’m just remembering that I thought I was such a screw up that I probably couldn’t even kill myself right and would end up being a vegetable for the rest of my life. One more thought that kept me alive.)

Not sure where I’m going with this other than one thought was, if one kills him/herself, they may miss that great turnaround where life becomes joy!

Oh! I know why I started this. I was thinking about gang members and how they feel they HAVE to join a gang in order to survive where they are. Many of them are amazingly intelligent, very sensitive and scared.

They often have to create this persona of toughness just to stay alive when in reality, they’re not who they appear to be externally.

What turned my life around was in finding who I really am, not who I pretended to be. When my teacher first told me “you don’t know who you are”, I had no idea what he was talking about. Of COURSE I know who I am. Well, I didn’t. I felt I had to BE tough in order to survive. Well, not true. I have to be me in order to thrive!



Bodacious Living

It’s Not Personal

February 27th, 2010 by Revvell

One of the biggest obstacles I see for many people is that they take things personally.

How often I’ve heard them say that someone did something “to them” yet, when I look at the facts, basically, they just did something ~ it wasn’t “to” anyone in particular ~ AND, even if it was, it’s still not personal.

This was brought up to me many years ago. At the end of a transformational weekend, my teacher gave each student a small piece of paper with something written on it. Mine said “Don’t take it personally”.

As I’ve said in many of my writings, we’ve learned so much via those around us, t.v., movies, etc. and we learn reactions instead of conscious response.

For instance, in a recent blog I wrote how my husband had left the hatch on my car open enough to leave the light on which killed the battery. We’re going out for lunch, it’s my birthday and my car wont start.

Many women would have taken it personally! He had done it TO them when actually it had nothing to do with them. It was his own unconsciousness. We pretty much all have those moments.

The other day I had put a question up on FaceBook. Everyone who commented agreed and understood what I was saying except one person who “tried” to turn it into something else by bringing up that I’d been gang-raped, my response to an Amazon review and because I told her what she was saying was separate from what I’d said she called me “childish”. NONE of which had anything at all to do with my question.

I received numerous emails from folk telling me how I should respond, how rude she was, that I should “block” her, etc. I could also have deleted her responses ~ none of which I did.

What was going on with her really had nothing to do with me. Something came up for her and her perception of what I was saying went askew and she brought her own stuff into the conversation.

I know I’ve done that. Haven’t you? *shrugs* It’s not a big thing and it’s not about me! It may not even have been about what I said there! It could very well have begun with something else I’d written or said on one of my UStream shows OR, something that was going on in her own life. Who’s to know? Certainly not I.

This brings up a memory of when I was working at a car dealership. The girlfriend of the manager took a really strong dislike to me and we’d barely ever spoken. I remember she said something nasty to me and I said (paraphrasing) “I don’t know why you dislike me but it seems as though you do. If you ever feel to tell me…” That stopped her. Awhile later she came to me and said I was right and she had no clue as to why. It wasn’t about me but it WAS something about me that brought up something insider of her. It wasn’t personal.

Once you get that pretty much whatever is going on around you (even though my world revolves around me; not everyone else’s does. Hopefully, theirs revolves around them) is not ABOUT you, you become more relaxed with life.

For instance, it use to be that no matter how good I did at something, no matter how many compliments I received, all I needed was that one “negative” (in my view) response and BAM! My day/life was shot!

Now, with all I do, I receive a lot of compliments, appreciations, email, etc. thanking me. While I really enjoy reading them and appreciate folk taking the time of their lives to write, it’s about them, not me! I’m just the catalyst.

By the same token when I read that someone’s blocked me or I find they’ve “unfriended” or “unfollowed” me or they dispute something I write or say, it’s still not about me. They may not have liked something I wrote, or did or said yet, it’s their response to it. It’s not personal to me.

Sort of an addendum. My father died when I was 12. Until I got some help I didn’t realize that I was REALLY angry with him for doing so and kept sabotaging my own relationships because of this unconscious anger. I felt he had left me alone with two people I didn’t like (mother and brother). Well, he had left AND I was left with them yet, he didn’t think “I’m going to die and leave Revvell alone to be abused”. He didn’t “do it to me”. He died. Wasn’t about me. Affected me, yes. But, it wasn’t done “to me”. Make sense?


Bodacious Living

Anger Within a Relationship

February 15th, 2010 by Revvell

On my last UStream show I mentioned that my husband had left the hatch open on my car so when we were headed out on Saturday (my birthday) for lunch, then to an event, my car wouldn’t start. We were planning on taking both vehicles because he was working that evening and was going to leave the event early and go directly to his gig while I’d get to stay and enjoy the event.

Well, since my car wouldn’t start, change of plans. We decided to take his car, go for lunch, then go the the event and then he’d drive me home.

Now, many people would be a bit upset about that. First, the fact that he’d left the hatch open and the battery was dead; secondly because they’d have to leave the event early; 3rd, the inconvenience of having to get the car going and drive it enough to re-charge the battery.

I know many would have been so angry that they’d ruin the rest of the day… maybe not talking to him… accusing him… saying how stupid he was… etc.

For me, my monkey mind wanted to do all that BUT, my more reasonable self was in charge. He knew he was the last to take something out of the car (case of young Thai coconuts) and knew it was most likely he who’d left it open (not that you could see it but open enough to leave the light on and drain the battery). When I told him, he said, “yes, that’s right”. Now, lil monkey was yelling in my ear… “Is that it? ‘That’s right’? What about an apology???”

My rational mind said “you know, he’s probably feeling really crappy about this and already beating himself up. What’s the point? IF he says he’s sorry… what then? Do I REALLY need to make him “more” wrong? Will that make me more right? And, if so, so what? Ego is fed?”

The point of this whole story is, when coming from love, we don’t need to MAKE someone else wrong. The programmed part of me really wanted to do that but, what would be the point?

What I COULD have done and what many WOULD have done is, get pissed off and spoil the whole day if not the whole weekend! Yell about his un-consiousness and TRY and make him feel bad. Not talked to him for whatever length of time as punishment.

Where do we learn this type of behavior? I’ve seen it SO often in books and on t.v. shows and in the movies where one party becomes angry and doesn’t even tell the other party why. They feel SO in control when the other person keeps saying “just talk to me! Just tell me what’s wrong!” I remember having the conversation myself with ex’s. It’s ridiculous!

I remember a line in the movie “Get Shorty” where there had been a shootout and sometime later one character asked the other, “aren’t you scared?” The other said “I was scared then, I’m not now, how long I got to be scared?”

For me, that works across the board. “How long I got to be mad?”

One time someone told me “In a years time you wont even remember this. Why wait?”

So, why wait? Why not drop the anger (and dropping is NOT suppressing!) and move on! How often have you wondered what the arguement/fight was even about?

IF I had gone the way so many do, I’d have missed out on a lovely lunch with him; hanging out with him that afternoon at the event; riding to it and back with him AND, kissing him before he went off to work.

NOW, what if something had happened to him on his way to or from work? What IF I’d have stayed angry?

See? What’s the point? Anger is a natural emotion. Staying angry is ego. Trying to control someone.

Oh! The second part. Sunday morning I had a class at 7:30. I thought I’d call AAA, have them start the car and the battery would recharge on the way to class. The driver showed up 30 minutes later. My bad. I did say it was a Prius but I didn’t say my drive was long and narrow and a battery pack would be needed if they brought a tow truck.

So, the guy brings a huge tow truck, no battery pack and knows nothing about Prius’. He told me we could roll the car down the drive. Ummm, it’s dead. Without power you can’t even put it in neutral.

So, I decided to leave a message for Himself which basically said, “I’ll be home in 3 hours. Please call AAA and tell them to send someone who knows about Prius’ and to bring a battery pack.” Pretty much was a bit irritated so saying “You broke it, now fix it”. So, I go to class, get home about 10:30 a.m. and my note and key are exactly where I’d left them. I heard him upstairs and knew he’d not even seen it so, I threw it away.

Yes, lil monkey child was at it again. “He’s just getting up??? You’ve GOT to tell him!! He’s GOT to take care of this” blah, blah, blah!

What I did was, go up and greet him. His first words, “would you like to go out for birthday weekend brunch?” Hell yeah!!

So, called AAA again, told them to send someone who knows about Prius and to bring a battery pack. They did. The car started immediately! We went out for brunch, did some shopping and had a truly wonder-filled birthday weekend.

Now! IF I had listened to the little fur-brat in my head, that would not have happened. I’d have maintained my anger; he’d have been feeling bad and we’d have wasted a really great, loving weekend.



Bodacious Living

Lessons In Living

February 3rd, 2010 by Revvell

Wow! What an amazing revvellation!

I’d posted a free ebook recently on a forum I frequent on a thread called “Prosperity Now” and, I saw that over 30 people had looked at it and not one “thank you”! Usually when someone gives us something, we’ve learned to say thank you (unless we don’t feel we deserve it or, it’s not something we’re thank-filled for). I mean that’s basic in growing up ~ Receive a gift ~ “thank you”, no?

So, someone basically chastised me because I mentioned it so, I did my thing and explained my reasoning, blah, blah, blah and, as I was doing my morning appreciations I realized, as much as I appreciate the ebook, as much as I’ve shared it with others, I did NOT thank the person who wrote it and gave it to me!!!

So, I went to the original site ~ Attract Money Now ~ where I thought I could leave feedback. Hmph! No contact info, nothing. So, I thought, where can I contact Joe and thank him? I thought MAYBEEE he’s a “friend” on Facebook! Yup! He is! So, found him and thanked him publicly! I’m also going to spread the word about this book which I find extremely useful AND going to do a review of it on my personal blog ~ here! lol

So, what’s the point here? How often do we thank people in our heads? I do. I do it often. Yet, what good is that doing anybody? Certainly not doing the person being appreciated any good nor the appreciator, really!

Now, did I really want or care if I received thanks for the book? Absolutely not! I gave it because I felt it worth sharing YET, since I hadn’t received thanks, it gave me the perfect reason to share some of what I learned which is, when you give appreciation for something 1) you’ll receive appreciation 2) people are more willing to give when they know people appreciate what you have to give.

If/when you share appreciation to a woman for a dress she’s wearing and she says, “what? this old thing?”… do you feel to give more? How about if she said “Thank you! I appreciate you noticing and saying something!” So! Two people go away beaming, yes?

Do I feel to post anything more on that thread? Not really. Kind of a “why bother” right now EXCEPT for the few who did 1) download the book 2) read the book and 3) took action on what they read AND let me know they appreciated my posting it there. Now THOSE people I feel to give more to. Wouldn’t you?

In actuality, I give a LOT and if one person, whether they thank me or not, receives benefit from what I say/do, more the better.

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about my playbook and one of the quotes I have in it. While looking for it, I came across this one ~ “Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.” Alfred Painter

Another: “You were given a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” ~ William A. Ward

Another: “If you don’t appreciate what you have, you wont get anymore… because the universe thinks it’s not important to you, and therefore you don’t need anymore.” ~ T. Harv Ecker

The one I was looking for ~

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

As I’m writing this, I’m overwhelmed with all the things I’m grateful for and never express. I could spend the whole day saying “thank you” to all I have, those I know… wow! Well, living in overwhelm is surely better than living in “whelm” yes?

Thank YOU for reading and any comments.


Bodacious Living

Mobility, Flexibility, Stamina vs. Aging

January 24th, 2010 by Revvell

There are so many factors when it comes to aging well.

The basics of course, food, rest and movement.

Today, I’ll be talking about movement.

Playing off of my “use to” (I’ve been corrected that it should be “used to” )~ blog, it’s really been made clear to me that there is a LOT to consider if one wants to age gracefully.

Next time you go somewhere where there are a lot of people, watch them. Watch how they move, how they stand, how they sit, how they get back up.

A sure sign of aging is inflexibility and lack of mobility.

When I trained with my teacher originally, we were inside. We were doing a lot of movement on the floor ~ yoga, bodyweight moves, ground engagement, etc. I was proud of the fact that I could get up off the floor very gracefully, using no hands while others younger than I struggled. Then we moved outside where we were doing qigong. We rarely got on the ground.

During that time, I was walking/running the hills around my home so, thinking I was getting in some really good movement.. and basically, IF I want to compare myself to others, I was. BUT…

I was missing weight-bearing exercises and floor movement.

I found that out when we began using kettlebells and iron clubs and also, doing ground engagement.

Now, I “used to” train with free weights for up to 6 hours a day. The problem with free weights and machines is, they isolate the muscle thereby making them really non-functional. No one lifts things that way in reality.

Case in point. My training partner was about 5’2″ and built like a fire hydrant. All muscle. He went to work for his father one day and the next he was sore and humbled. He couldn’t do half the work the thin, muscular guys who knew how to use their whole body did because he only knew how to use his arms.

That’s why I like kettlebells. If one is trained properly in their use, they use EVERY part of the body for the lift. I’ve seen many use them as they would free weights though, lifting with just arms instead of leg drive.

Personally, I feel if someone is going to do just one type of exercise/movement, some form of hatha yoga would fulfill pretty much everything in the title here. Add some walking to get outdoors and breath some fresh air, hiking up and down hills and you’re in business.

The only thing I would caution against in doing yoga is, I’ve seen many get to the point of flacidity instead of flexibility.

For those who want to play with various items as I do, Indian clubs are truly fun. They offer a wide range of upper body movements to open up the whole chest and back/shoulder area. One also needs co-ordination to perfect them.

After getting Indian clubs down, iron clubs provide even more fun. Similar to kb’s (kettlebells), you need to use your whole body to utilize them effectively and efficiently. Just a few minutes of a good iron club workout maximizes your health benefits more than an hour of free weights will because it’s a whole body workout.

What’s interesting to me is how people still subscribe to the “workout/rest/workout/rest” day theory.

When we were children, we didn’t take a day off from play. We played until we were exhausted, then got up the next day to do it again. When did that stop? Why? Because it became “EXERCISE!”. Who wants to do that?

My suggestion, find things to do that to you are fun. For me, learning how to handle kb’s, iron clubs, my own body, is FUN!

Remember when you were a kid? Did you play sword fighting with other kids? Take two sticks and just play? Well, that’s what I’m doing now with Kali sticks.

I’m going back to my martial arts roots and learning how to stick fight. Martial arts were originally used to keep in shape then they realized they could be used to fight. For me, I figure I’ll never get into another fight and probably never be attacked but, why not learn something that could be of potential use instead of movement just for the sake of it?

O.k., I’m all over the blog with this but, it was fun and IF you get something out of it, so be it.

I’ve got more to say on the topic but I want to keep this fairly short sooo, later for now.

Remeber, live bodaciously and celebrate your potential ~


Bodacious Living

Are You a “Use To” Person?

January 22nd, 2010 by Revvell

I had just finished prepping for my UStream show and gone out for my walk when I realized I NEEDED to come back here and write this up. If I didn’t I’d have said it all in my head and forgotten it by the time I came back.

I’m realizing too that I really need to empty my voice recorders and take one with me every time I go out so I don’t have to cut my walk short. I did get in over 3000 steps before coming home though.

O.k., to the topic at hand ~ being a “Use To” person.

I go to quite a few networking meetings and meet various people and when they see what I eat they’ll ask if I’m vegetarian. When I say “yes” they’ll often say “I USE TO be”.

When I meet people who ride motorcycles, now, I’m a “USE TO” person. Before a friend died in a auto/mc collision and another lost his leg (same crash), I rode. I have to catch myself to not say I “use to” ride so they ask me, why don’t you ride anymore as I don’t want to inject them with MY stuff about riding!

What I like to hear is “I USE TO smoke, drink, do drugs but I don’t anymore!”

Instead I hear “I USE TO do daily appreciations; walk every day; exercise; eat well, etc.” I also know I’m not going to ask them why they don’t any more. It’s not my biz. I don’t want to hear their dreary excuses for why they don’t.

This came up for me recently in an online conversation with a gent who told me his girlfriend “use to” be a vegetarian ~ before she met him. Enough said.

What brought this up for me is a couple of times over the past months I’ve caught myself saying “I USE TO be able to get up off the floor easily” and “before I got married I USE TO go walking daily”.

For me, when I say “I USE TO”, I want it to be consciously attained. By that I mean “I USE TO be a meat eater (well, it’s been 24 years now); I USE TO procrastinate on getting in my daily play; I USE TO be angry; I USE TO contemplate suicide (that’s over 15 years ago)…

See what I mean? Keep the good and USE TO the not-so good. Now, I want to say I CAN get up off the floor easily; I DO get up and move daily; I AM aware of what goes in my mouth and supports MY body.


Injoy, Revvell

Bodacious Living